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Hi. I'm new. Wiggedy what up, internet.

I may be wandering into a hornet's nest here, but I'm pissed off at Neo-cons with computers. I just picked up Angry Barry, off of Xbox Live Community whatever, and I'm saddened by it. He gets angry and wants to take over the world. To regain health, he kicks open boxes labeled "Ship to Kenya" and eats fried chicken. He collects Acorns. Seriously?

I want political video games, I really do. I want games to enlighten, to educate, to bring ideas to the forefront. Bioshock was a great example of that, showing off the dangers of Randian absolutism. Do that with socialism, do that with anarchism, with libertarianism, with whatever you want to. But the fried chicken? That's just unneccesarily racist.

What would a game look like that positively sells their ideology. Not just by mocking or disparaging what they see as the opposition, but presents both a detailed, philosophical argument for a particular political philosophy?

And how did the fried chicken thing get past Microsoft?

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