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I personally didn't write any wishlist for Christmas presents, I just want my family to be there with me under the Christmas tree and be happy. 

But I know that they all love getting presents. I'm writing a term paper so I won't have enought time till Christmas and the most of my presents are vouchers and gift cards.

My Dad will get a gift card for his faveorite pipe shop; my mum will get a gift card for a "do it yourself" workshop; my brother will get game cards and paysafecard, which is actually even better; my granny will get a new lamp and lots of books.

I still have to find something for my boyfriend and team-mates. I'm thinking of Skyrim for my boyfriend but I don't know if someone already bought it for him, so I have to interview his friends and family.

And what will you buy? What do you want for yourself?

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