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Another thing that’s really great is that the old trait system used to be stupid and they changed it. It used to be that you’d talk to your class trainer and they’d say, you want to get better with your axe’s here’s the axe challenge. Now go out and kill a bunch of tree monsters or something like. Then you go out and you do that and then the game says you’ve completed the challenge, you know have the trait for the axe’s, or one of them. That was neat, and I would’ve accepted that, but fortunately ArenaNet listened to the community and when the community said that’s not really enough customization for me.That’s a little too much work for me to have to go grind out something just to customize my character. They didn’t want to do that, so ArenaNet went back in December and said we’re going to redesign all these traits. In mid February they came back and brought us the new traits system in Guild War 2. Now that you know about the different races and professions, the next thing to go over in this Guild Wars 2 guide is the nature of combat. Guild Wars 2 promises combat that is ever-changing, instinctual, fast-paced and visually superb. There will be no set roles in this game (tank, healer, etc.), and all characters will have the ability to heal, defend, deal damage and use the environment around them to control the field of battle.Therefore, guild wars 2 gold and Guild wars 2 leveling guide may be easier because you do not have to wait for a healer class like any other MMO. A more detailed Guild Wars 2 guide released once the game is out will be able to provide more information. As a whole I felt combat was very involved. It required more thought than I was expecting it to and combat can be fairly tactical. You have to play smart even in PVE if you can believe that. I like it. It has active, dynamic combat that can be very tactical, something you should definitely try it out. 


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