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Red jujube stuffed bitter melon!

Bitter gourd nutrition value and pharmacological effects don't have to say more, the time of the heat of the day should be appropriate eat more bitter melon, but bitter melon the bitter taste of some people is not adapted for. Today, this paper introduces a practice of balsam pear, red jujube stuffed balsam pear, red jujube can also change jujube, eating pour the honey or sweet concentrated juice, basically feel bitter melon of bitter. Practice is very simple, and still less Fried cooking Fried lampblack, ha ha, then go for it.

Dietary food therapy:
Bitter gourd nutrition is rich, contains protein, fat, carbohydrate, etc in the melons vegetables is higher, especially the vitamin C content, each hectogram as high as 84 mg, which is about 5 times of wax gourd, cucumber 14 times, pumpkin 21 times, the crown of melons. Bitter melon also contain crude fiber, carotene, balsam pear glycoside, phosphor, iron and a variety of minerals, amino acids, etc.; Bitter melon also contain more lipoprotein, can promote the body's immune system to resist cancer cells, regular consumption can strengthen the body's immune function. Jujube rich in calcium and iron, they for the prevention of osteoporosis and anemia has important role; Red dates can promote the formation of white blood cells, reduce serum cholesterol, improve serum albumin, protect liver.wow power leveling

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