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    As we all know , once the roles in HC died , then it can’t get into the game anymore , these equipment on the role will be absolutely locked and that including some equipment stuffs inside their backpack . So , to help diablo 3 gold players , I’d give you some simple but useful tips for staying alive in HC :

  1. Make sure your local net & ISP is as solid as you can make it (hardwire, not wifi, if you can, etc)

  2. Look outside, aka don't play during a thunderstorm. (Lightning strike power outage death. hazzah)

  3. If you haven't played in a while, then go back to Hell while relearning your build instead of playing Inferno.

  4. Remove Windows Key or invest in a keyboard that lets you disable it (like Logitech gaming boards).

  5. At the first sign of lag, stop. Don't tell yourself "just one more elite"

  6. When playing for the first time during d3 gold a day, go really slowly for the first 5-10 mins until you get your timing back & get the feel of things. This is especially important if like me, you like to run all 6 classes. A high % of my lost chars happened in the first 10 mins.

  7. You should build a character that fits your personality.

  8. Run through arcane enchant the opposite direction it is turning to take less ticks of dmg.

  9. Dont farm ubers until confident http://www.d3goldsell.net/4704_111_some-tips-for-staying-alive-in-diablo-3-gold-hc_news.html in your ability .

  10. Dont play while holding your kid. .




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