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 1. Believe in science, not be superstitious in panel.

  Ice method is diablo 3 gold  established around the critical quality build, the most key indicators are: attack rate, crit.

  Attack rate and crit for ice method is not only aggressive attribution, it hides an important defensive attribution.

  In brief that is the higher buy diablo 3 gold the attack rate, the higher the life recovery and crit, the less the monsters move, the faster the diamond nail refresh, the more stable you can stand.

  And the key strike back. To the http://www.d3goldsell.net/5160_111_two-basic-principles-of-ice-method-compatibility_news.html strike back, it should be at least 800 which is the higher, the better.

  In addition, crit attribution on the panel has very important influence on the amplification coefficient

  In D3 gold’s opinion, ice method has two standard lines, and to meet the standard line then pursuit of DPS will be more scientific:


buy d3 gold
buy diablo 3 gold

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