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I normally desire to think that I am independent-minded and stylistically mulberry bag exclusive. Should you question me who I think the best-dressed starlet is, I would tell you I don't know, given that they all seem the identical in any case. Well, which is not entirely correct. There exists 1 particular person (well, Tv set character) on the market that has my heart, and i am ready to acknowledge it. Gossip Girl's Serena van der Woodsen (nee Blake Lively) could wear a paper bag over her head and I'd personally fall rear-over-teakettle attempting to figure out the grocer from whence it celine bag arrived, in hopes of getting the very first to accumulate one particular for my extremely personal. She could dress in Crocs and I might be on my laptop computer, buying them from?-well, from wherever it truly is that 1 ACQUIRES Crocs?-immediately. If Serena is erroneous, I don't want to be correct. When the Gossip Female season begins in September, I'll be bringing out a weekly roundup (since it really is easily probably the most trendy show on tv), as I do now mulberry alexa with Project Runway. For now, even though, we'll need to settle for paparazzi images of the actors, filming on-location throughout The big apple Town. Personally, I think Chuck Bass is considered the most entertaining in these sorts of photos considering that his outfits will be the most Isabel Marant Willow outlandish on the cast, but we will enter into that in far more depth after the season starts. Right now, I deliver you my favored fictional fashionista, Serena van der Woodsen, sporting the Celine Watch Me Perform bag in what appears to be grey leather. I have talked significantly about grey prior to now few months, so right now, I'm going to need to present you the variation on this bag which i believe to get truly wonderful: the red www.isabelmarantshops.co.uk patent one. Its lines are easy and clean, a search for which Celine is known, although the punky materials, chain (any person think it's a tad Stam-y?) and components put it above the best and to the ??covetable' classification. Also, that identify C "Watch Me Work" jogs my memory of a club-banging hip-hop anthem, territory that Celine has definitely never trod CELINE Observe ME GAUFFRE BAG ahead of. If this bag is any indication, though, they appear to feel right at your home.

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