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I usually choose to think that I'm independent-minded and stylistically mulberry bag unique. Should you request me who I believe the best-dressed starlet is, I'd let you know I do not know, given that they all look the exact same in any case. Well, which is not totally genuine. There is certainly a single person (properly, Tv character) around containing my heart, and i'm able to confess it. Gossip Girl's Serena van der Woodsen (nee Blake Lively) could wear a paper bag more than her head and I'd personally fall rear-over-teakettle attempting to establish the grocer from whence it celine bag came, in hopes of getting the 1st to accumulate a single for my very personal. She could dress in Crocs and I'd be on my notebook, buying them from?-well, from where ever it's that 1 ACQUIRES Crocs?-immediately. If Serena is wrong, I don't want to be correct. If the Gossip Lady time starts off in September, I will be bringing out a weekly roundup (considering that it's very easily one of the most modern show on tv), as I do now mulberry alexa with Venture Runway. For now, even though, we will really need to accept paparazzi photos of the actors, filming on-location around The big apple City. Personally, I think Chuck Bass is the most entertaining in these sorts of images considering that his outfits are the most Isabel Marant Willow outlandish in the cast, but we will get into that in much more depth once the season starts. Right now, I provide you my preferred fictional fashionista, Serena van der Woodsen, sporting the Celine Look at Me Function bag in what appears to get gray leather-based. I have talked much about grey previously couple of weeks, so right now, I will have to present you the edition of this bag that i believe to become truly wonderful: the red www.isabelmarantshops.co.uk patent a single. Its lines are straightforward and clean, a search for which Celine is known, but the punky content, chain (anyone feel it is a tad Stam-y?) and hardware put it in excess of the best and in the ??covetable' category. Also, that name C "Watch Me Work" reminds me of a club-banging hip-hop anthem, territory that Celine has undoubtedly by no means trod CELINE Observe ME GAUFFRE BAG prior to. If this bag is any indicator, although, they seem to feel correct at home.

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