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Much like we did with Proenza Schouler's Pre-Fall 2013 presentation earlier this year, after we listened to that Celine Fall 2013 (Celine calls pre-fall "fall" and fall "winter") was debuting celine bag to some extremely constrained press audience in Ny Town earlier this week, we took straight to Instagram and Twitter to view what types of photos one of the most in-the-know editors and customers would be tweeting from their mulberry alexa appointments. Add-ons are often overlooked from the photographs that brand names release to media retailers subsequent their pre-collection presentations, so crowdsourcing is usually the most effective way to determine what sorts of bags clarisonic will be coming at us in six months' time. This time, even though, all of the greatest bag images originated from one particular individual: trend journalist Jim Shi, who Isabel Marant Willow plainly understood just how much absolutely everyone wished to see the bags. He took a lot of photos of every little thing from your new Celine Flat Cabas (which can be what precisely it seems like) for the utterly excellent wood-grain calf hair pocketbooks that may little doubt be the www.isabelmarantshops.co.uk emphasize from the season. Check out our favorites of Shi's photos following the jump C CELINE Observe ME Function BAG should you like whatever you see.

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