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    Blade soul gold wrote so long article, the basic of this game figured out, the following occupational Chosen recommend to new people!

  Swordsman: monomer output highest professional absolute than attack qigong poor, explosive strength, the latest maze the main occupation, PVP is also good, but the poor continued warfare capabilities.

  Boxer: weaken over boxer Although not powerful, but still very cattle occupation, the maze this absolute main blade and soul gold  occupation, PVP king invincible skills go to

  Assassin: maze replica dispensable career output instability is the greatest weakness of the shadow chop CD is too long, not explosive, PVP is very good, the career of the flow of operations.

  Lux: Not much to say, just update Lux extremely powerful in PVP, early copies of essential career late can be replaced by other DPS classes.

  Qigong: powerful output, is also a http://www.bladesoulonline.net/5351_108_blade-and-soul-professional-experience-to-keep-in-mind_news.html copy of the main occupation, maze copy of qigong has a very high operating requirements, updated today qigong can emerge in PVP.

  Call of Duty: unpopular occupation of the early team recently the maze this dark horse occupations, very popular, because the NC each update will be to summon big changes, this career are very PVPPVE


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