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 Here mainly talk about the absorb this skill, this blade and soul gold skill can crit! Attack the higher absorption more, of course, if crit it absorbed more, not to mention 200% blast injuries 3 point internal force value, while recovery skills so cool. The skills are the most important skills of self-protection when Blade soul gold single brush.

  Skills CD is about 30 seconds, all right not to use this skill, kungfu masters crit is high, use whatever is indeed able to wash a lot of blood, but there is no guarantee that we will not absorb the CD by the greater harm, so save your life or keep it, crit blood went back to full.

  Glaciers palm, this skill can frostbite the target or frozen target additional damage, over 2000 additional damage in the case of poor equipment, and can crit so be sure to keep the BOSS who have frostbite or freezing.

  Some players do not know how to hide blade soul gold BOSS arrest people, in fact, very simple, just cruising around the BOSS, or the player can also stand in place the distance BOSS5 meters output in BOSS ready to arrest people when using the Q or E escape on the line. BOSS release skills when there will be action, look clear at the BOSS action.


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