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Andrew EisenConster - Sure, give me a few minutes.03/26/2015 - 3:05pm
Conster - 2:55pm
ConsterApparently Salesforce and the NCAA are also upset over SB 101. I know they're not video-games related, but maybe add a line to the article?03/26/2015 - 2:54pm
Andrew EisenThat said, I doubt that if the movie gets made, it will be similar to either version of the show. But, Star Wars movies will be out again and the designs are still pretty awesome so it's got a chance.03/26/2015 - 2:34pm
Andrew EisenPeople my age and older with disposable income and a fondness for nostalgia.03/26/2015 - 2:32pm
Matthew Wilson@AE I am kinda surprised sony would want to make a movie of something that is 30 years old. I woulder how many people remember robotech?03/26/2015 - 2:24pm
Andrew EisenProbably not but my wish is that Hollywood make good anime movies.03/26/2015 - 2:20pm
Matthew Wilson am I the only one that wishes Hollywood would stay a million mile away from anime?03/26/2015 - 1:29pm
MaskedPixelante Because when I think "all new, all different", my mind jumps to a hero that's served on FOUR different Avengers teams.03/26/2015 - 11:31am
Matthew Wilsonnot shocked, lets see how gencon reacts.03/26/2015 - 11:01am
Andrew EisenAnd for those of you keeping track, Indiana's SB 101 was signed into law this morning by Gov. Pence.03/26/2015 - 10:58am
james_fudgeyeah!03/26/2015 - 9:17am
Ivresseand Command and Conquer, Wing Commander, Fallout03/26/2015 - 8:51am
james_fudgeand Quake, DOOM, Warcraft03/26/2015 - 8:07am
james_fudge90's, because X-Com, MOM, MOO, Ultima VII03/26/2015 - 8:06am
MechaTama3190s. SNES. 'Nuff said.03/26/2015 - 7:45am
james_fudgeIanC: er what?03/26/2015 - 6:20am
IvresseIanC - Context required please...03/26/2015 - 4:15am
ZippyDSMleeCare to take a look at this and tell me what you think about it? - 11:06pm
ZippyDSMlee^^ This was before I tried to get into surround… at least the bass is good on the Z506….03/25/2015 - 11:06pm
ZippyDSMleePapa Midnight: Well now I have been surprised from my going on the cheap(the Z506 was 40$ used) I found a 2.1 cyber acoustic set I liked so much I got another used one, it sounds great for what it is, I use them like a 2.0 system via a modified Y adapter.03/25/2015 - 11:05pm
Papa MidnightSide note: I personally use a Logitech Z-5500 set for my desk at home. It gets the job done pretty well for all-around usage.03/25/2015 - 10:53pm
Papa MidnightFor a set of computer speakers that can be had from Best Buy for $70, and has an RMS of 75 total watts? I'd be surprised if it didn't.03/25/2015 - 10:52pm
ZippyDSMlee*sigh* Logitech Z506 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System has high frequency distortion issues... oh well there goes 20$ ><03/25/2015 - 8:31pm
Andrew EisenIanC - I second prh99's question.03/25/2015 - 5:55pm
Matthew Wilson not entirely sure he is the best guy to be director of this.03/25/2015 - 5:54pm
prh99How so?03/25/2015 - 5:50pm
IanCThis site is getting so conservative about things its sad really.03/25/2015 - 5:39pm
MaskedPixelanteI've been waiting for the shipping notification for my Smash soundtrack for a MONTH, and the actual CD showed up in my mailbox today.03/25/2015 - 3:37pm
MaskedPixelanteDear Nintendo, please make sure the shipping notification for what I buy from you shows up BEFORE the thing I get from you does.03/25/2015 - 3:36pm
PHX CorpFour Realistic Predictions - What the Future Really Holds for Games - 2:11pm
MGAlso, I like the 00's. Sorry couldn't fit it in the first shout.03/25/2015 - 1:49pm
MGJust to let anyone who cares about the Gen Con thing, I put information on past right to discrimanate based on religious belief in the article about it. I though someone needed to add historical information to the discusion.03/25/2015 - 1:48pm
TechnogeekMasked: For Senran Kagura, I'm pretty sure fake boobs ARE traditional advertising.03/25/2015 - 12:23pm
Matthew Wilson What To Expect From Nintendo's New Hardware? A Surprise, Probably.03/25/2015 - 11:12am
MonteThough i do agree that the 90's deserve a lot of credit for solid games that really pushed great franchises... and though the 2010's has been bogged down by more publisher BS than ever, the indie scene has never been better03/25/2015 - 9:40am
MonteThink i gotta go with 2000's. Been gaming since the NES but no console got more love from me than my PS2. PLus i feel like that decade was when Gaming got really polished, but before a lot of the publisher BS kicked in to ruin things.03/25/2015 - 9:37am
MaskedPixelante Marvelous turns their noses up at traditional advertising, unveils bizarre new marketing campaign for Senran Kagura.03/25/2015 - 8:42am
MaskedPixelanteA similar principle occurs with redshirts. Which one dies first? If you can't figure that out, both shall live.03/25/2015 - 8:34am
MaskedPixelanteIt's common knowledge that if you put two or more black guys in a room together, they will survive the zombie apocalypse, since genre convention doesn't know which one to kill off first.03/25/2015 - 8:33am
MaskedPixelante Civil war of souls incoming.03/25/2015 - 8:24am
E. Zachary KnightEven in Goosebumps, a kids horror show, the black guy always dies 1st. Monster Blood 2, Let's Get Invisible both "killed" the black guy 1st.03/25/2015 - 8:24am
E. Zachary KnightFor those curious, Wikipedia has a timeline of the major consoles released by year in North America. - 8:12am
ConsterI'm picking the '00s for the easy access to emulators.03/25/2015 - 6:39am
FourX11gdI'm picking 90's for the very same reason Ivresse pointed out.03/25/2015 - 6:11am
IvresseFor the record, I'm 35.03/25/2015 - 5:47am
IvresseSo many notable franchises that we recognise as commonplace names in video gaming were launched in the 90s, Grand Theft Auto, the Xcom series, Half-Life, Mortal Kombat, Warcraft, Starcraft, Tomb Raider...the 90s was where gaming as an industry developed03/25/2015 - 5:42am
IvresseI'm picking 90s. X-com, X-wing, Tie-Fighter, The Wing Commander games, Final Fantasy IV and VII, Secret of Mana, ah those were the days *eyes gloss over*03/25/2015 - 5:37am
Infophile@AE: Maybe do the next poll as "How old were you when video games were at their best?"03/25/2015 - 4:04am
ZippyDSMleeI'm an idoit...oh wait... 39....grumbles.....03/25/2015 - 1:42am
ZippyDSMleeFunny half the games got so watered down..03/25/2015 - 1:42am
Matthew Wilsonand I picked 2000s03/24/2015 - 11:31pm
Matthew WilsonI am 2703/24/2015 - 11:31pm
Andrew EisenI'd love to be able to correlate poll respondents' answers with their ages.03/24/2015 - 11:22pm
Matthew Wilson1998 was the best year for games, but the 2000s was the best decade.03/24/2015 - 11:12pm
E. Zachary KnightSo who is going to pick the 70s with great fondness for Pong and the Magnavox Oddyssy?03/24/2015 - 10:41pm
Matthew Wilsonthe 2000s was the best. the xbox and ps2 had amazing games. halo,halo 2,kotor 1&2,kingdom hearts 1&2, battlefront 1&2, wow, Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge, and manny many more.03/24/2015 - 8:55pm
Andrew EisenRemember that 80s anime-looking Star Wars short from a few years back? It's finished. - 6:06pm
Matthew Wilson Gen Con has released an official letter to Indiana Governor Mike Pence regarding Diversity and SB 101.03/24/2015 - 6:03pm
Andrew EisenMP - Heh, that's a pretty inventive crossover.03/24/2015 - 5:04pm
Craig R.GOG quickly tweeted an apology for the unfortunate timing, so kudos to them03/24/2015 - 4:55pm
MaskedPixelante BN gives clothing manufacturers a disapproving scowl with shreddable DoA DLC costumes taken from the Senran Kagura games.03/24/2015 - 4:18pm
ZippyDSMleeI am getting soemwhere in elarning how to use 3dmax...I think I may have brains aftyer all 0-o LOL03/24/2015 - 2:43pm
james_fudgemakes sense to me03/24/2015 - 2:15pm
Matthew Wilson I am fine with this, but than again I went digital a long time ago.03/24/2015 - 1:40pm
E. Zachary KnightThat is unfortunate then. Probably not something that GOG could have predicted when it scheduled the sale.03/24/2015 - 11:39am
ConsterThe crash in the Alps, I'm guessing.03/24/2015 - 7:33am
E. Zachary KnightMasked, Why is that bad timing?03/24/2015 - 7:23am
MaskedPixelante Talk about bad timing.03/24/2015 - 6:53am
prh99Bets on how long it takes Nintendo to put a legal boot in their behinds? If they barely tolerate let's play, I can't imagine fits they'll throw over this.03/24/2015 - 2:39am
Andrew EisenWell hey, a female Link game jam. - 1:01am
ConsterMP: weird, the game tells me I should look at Pig101, but I don't see anything special about it.03/23/2015 - 7:44pm
ZippyDSMleeMatthew Wilson:Those in power(media mafia) hate money they would rather steal it than use honey to get more of it....03/23/2015 - 5:08pm
ZippyDSMleeArkham Knight delayed, good get it right the first time dammit!03/23/2015 - 5:07pm
Matthew Wilson@zipp I am shocked the RIAA has yet to learn their lesson. oh well what did people expect.03/23/2015 - 5:06pm
ZippyDSMleeMatthew Wilson:They also have another option but also I had to go through acouple passwords and they lock out a password for a year so I might have been using the wrong one..but ggaaa...03/23/2015 - 5:02pm
ZippyDSMleeAnd thus why I do not bother with95% of online services. - 5:01pm
Matthew Wilsongmail now has sms 2 factor, and from what little toying around I have done with google auth api it seems to work.03/23/2015 - 4:58pm
ZippyDSMleeUhg Gmail had an odd 2 step that just did not want to work, if its a cell phone message thats easy but this was not that...03/23/2015 - 4:46pm
ZenThe problem with that Matthew is that the logic needed for it is already locked behind 2 factor they aren't able to get to it. :)03/23/2015 - 4:40pm
MaskedPixelanteThey should make a Zelda game where the principle players are reincarnated one race over. Gerudo Zelda and Impa, Sheikah Link and Hylian Ganondorf.03/23/2015 - 4:23pm
Matthew Wilsonam I the onlyone that thinks most sites need to add 2 factor at this point?03/23/2015 - 4:19pm
ZippyDSMleeAnyone here work with 3Dmax012? I really wish I could cut and paste and extrude like in blender ><03/23/2015 - 4:15pm
ZippyDSMleethey be a weeee bit mindless >>03/23/2015 - 4:14pm
ZippyDSMleeZen:I dunno after a certain point and time people are going to whine just to whine, a large enough demographic will come out against an irregular Zelda title and worse yet have no grounds to complain on.... I try and share my doubts and fears but ya..03/23/2015 - 4:14pm
MaskedPixelante Because you had nothing else to do tonight, watch every episode of season 6 of Archer and follow the bizarre ARG the producers set up.03/23/2015 - 4:14pm
ZippyDSMleespeaking of DW I need to finish FOTNS:Kens rage sometime…... if it only had no QTE’s ><03/23/2015 - 4:11pm
WymorenceZelda - Stockholm Syndrome Edition?03/23/2015 - 3:00pm
ZenCminer - Sold...Want...want to play NOW. Impa fighting, Zelda training and becoming Shiek, etc. See Ganondorf destroy the world as you play.03/23/2015 - 2:52pm
ConsterCan you imagine a Zelda game where Zelda's the villain and Link has to save Ganondorf?03/23/2015 - 2:51pm
Andrew EisenCMiner - That's a really interesting idea!03/23/2015 - 2:49pm
ZenEZK Understand where you are coming from, so please don't take me as being negative on all of the ideas either lol. I just saw the statement below that was very "agree or be evil" and that got me going lol.03/23/2015 - 2:47pm
CMinerI would love to play a LoZ game that followed Impa/Shiek/Zelda in Ocarina of Time during the time that Link was gone.03/23/2015 - 2:47pm
E. Zachary KnightTrue. Zelda and other recent characters have made great strides as interesting and compelling characters and deserve the spotlight. Not trying to belittle that idea. Just making a statement on the character roles.03/23/2015 - 2:46pm
Andrew EisenNah, "forced" was mirroring the entire game to make Link right-handed. That's right, gamers. The GameCube version is the only TRUE version of Twilight Princess!03/23/2015 - 2:44pm
ZenYeah, the voice chat issue with Splatoon is sad. It's a game that NEEDS it. And it worked well for multiple existing Wii U games, so we know it can be done.03/23/2015 - 2:43pm
ZenI would just rather then expand on Zelda/Shiek or maybe even Impa would make for a great story to explore rather than just doing a "gender swap". I don't know, just seems a bit forced to me while ignoring many other options for characters. :)03/23/2015 - 2:42pm
Andrew EisenIt would also be cool to play as Zelda. Zelda and Impa were off on their own adventure in Skyward Sword, parallel to Link's. I would have loved to play that!03/23/2015 - 2:41pm
E. Zachary KnightConsidering that the roles of Zelda, Link and Ganon are timeless reincarnations of those same roles, there is nothing that would require them to be held by someone of the same gender every time. One could easily reverse the genders.03/23/2015 - 2:40pm
Andrew EisenIf the creative team wants link to be a dude, that's fine. I think a female Link would work fine though. There are a bunch of different Links, after all. Seems likely that at least one of them would be female.03/23/2015 - 2:39pm
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